74 MPG for Just $9,000?

This car is called the T25. Designed by Formula One engineer Gordon Murray, it weighs only 1,200 pounds and can seat three people (although one or two would be more comfortable). It is expected to get 74 miles to the gallon and cost around $9,000, thanks to the highly-efficient iStream manufacturing technology.
The cars are built using an efficient process that first attaches most of the car's parts to the chassis, and then adds a pre-painted body as a last step, similar to the way Formula One vehicles are built.

Look at the gallery below, and you'll see that the car is so tiny that three of them can fit into a single parallel parking space. If all cars were this size, we'd live in a utopian energy-saving world.

The T25 should be available in two years, with an all-electric version, the T27, following later. Link

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If all cars were like that you'd live in a utopia where there were three times more cars. The situation would be the same if all curernt cars ran 25 MPG with the exception of absolutely no public traffic and unbelievable traffic jams (three of those they take more space than one car when running in traffic).

But it is still an excellent alternative to current urban automobiles.
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Wow, these are shockingly negative comments! That car looks like a ton of fun to drive, like a little go-kart. It's got enough room to do all the day-to-day things the average person needs, decent styling, and being so light it should have acceptable performance.

From a safety point of view, yes, a little car is safer because of all the people driving tanks with a big inertial advantage in a crash, but that's a slippery slope argument to complain about. Looking at it from another point of view, a small, light, maneuverable car has its own set of safety advantages.

And like Bob pointed out, given Gordon Murray's track record, you'd think people would have a little more faith!
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Let's not forget that years ago Gordon Murray designed the McLaren F1 and numerous successful race cars. I'd suspect that this new car is good at doing what it is intended for. This is like having Colin Chapman design a truck that's good for hauling lumber.
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Rather have a Yugo. I don't know why all these dimmies are determined to try to make other people's lives miserable... oh right, that's one of the tenets of their religion "Global Warming". What a crock. The sad thing is that anything which would actually be useful for reducing pollution, such as transitioning to an alcohol fuel standard which is old technology and would be extremely easy, is of course NOT championed by the greenies, because they don't want real solutions they just want to feel righteous about something and look down on other people. Fill up my environment with solar panels and windmills -- who are the real polluters again? Greenies want to pollute the earth on an industrial scale that even the robber baron industrialists of the 19th Century would never have imagined or considered acceptable. But what's a little massive dose of hypocrisy here and there?
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