Physicists: Time is Actually Slowing Down

I now have the perfect excuse for being perpetually late. See, it's not my fault: some scientists now think that time is actually slowing down!

Professor Senovilla, and colleagues have proposed a mind-bending alternative. They propose that there is no such thing as dark energy at all, and we’re looking at things backwards. Senovilla proposes that we have been fooled into thinking the expansion of the universe is accelerating, when in reality, time itself is slowing down. At an everyday level, the change would not be perceptible. However, it would be obvious from cosmic scale measurements tracking the course of the universe over billions of years. The change would be infinitesimally slow from a human perspective, but in terms of the vast perspective of cosmology, the study of ancient light from suns that shone billions of years ago, it could easily be measured

The team's proposal, published in the journal Physical Review D, dismisses dark energy as fiction. Instead, Senovilla says, the appearance of acceleration is caused by time itself gradually slowing down, like a clock with a run-down battery.

Link - via The Presurfer

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Foreigner is correct. Observable time is only relative to the observer. So what I perceive as time being fast could very well be time being slow for someone else. Like in empty space time is faster than when near a gravitational field.
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