The London Underground's Fake Station

There's a London Underground station that never moves a single passenger. That's because it's a mock-up built to train new employees. The station, located in West Kensington, is designed to be as realistic as possible:

The tube station is probably the highlight for any visitor and in addition to looking like a tube station, it also behaves a bit like one. When a train is due to arrive, although no physical train appears, the platform rumbles, speakers drown out conversations and there is even a fan in the corner blowing to simulate the wind blast that heralds the arrival of the train.

What would you add to make the simulator truly realistic?

Link via The Presurfer | Photo: Ian Visits

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- We seem to forget sticky chewing gum and old fags on the floor

And then on the human side:
- Some pickpockets to keep everyone on their toes
- At least a few druggies and/or alcoholics that beg and smell really bad and who are generally completely lost on their trip
- The odd kissing or fighting couple
- A few backpackers that have no idea how big their backpack really is
- Some cops who only bother the wrong people to give them a false sence of security
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I wonder if it has giant businessman who has no respect for anyone else whatsoever and just walks in to young and old, and the Chinese woman who never holds her mouth when she coughs, or my favourite some 14 year old playing some obscenely bad music the tinny speakers, whilst pretending to be all 'rude' listening to Akon...grrrrr!
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