Candwich -- The Canned Sandwich

Anything is better if it's made with bacon, put in a can, or called "tactical". Hence the Candwich, which is either a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or chicken sandwich. In a can.

The company has gained public attention due to a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into a money manager's allegedly fraudulent activities, some of which were invested in Mark One Foods, the company that owns Candwich.

In the meantime, Candwich is still on hold and, sadly, not yet available consumers.

Link via Geekosystem | Image: Mark One Foods

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Am I the only one who thought the sandwich they used looked rather gross to start with? Have they never heard of positive visual advertising?
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I have vending machines and things that go in are dated and you can get in big time trouble for selling outdated product. If these sandwiches have any decent flavor, the traveling public will go for them. There is that tuna and chicken salad with crackers and this cn't be any different from that. I would try it at the very least. If someone had told me 10 years ago I could sell bottled water at the rate I do, I would have called that crazy.
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ok i think the way your supose to take it out is pull back the top cuz i dont think u can fit it through the hole with out crushin it but this is goin to be in vending machine god knows how long it be in there and how do yyou no weather or not it old or still sum good it should at least be in a vacumm sealed bbaggies but i think ill jus stick with makin my own sandwitches..... for now
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@Big Bad Bob
There's a special lid on the can so that you can open it with a pop top and peel back the lid. Unless it was accidentally made extra-large, or you are an utter moron, chances are you won't rip it getting it out. I'd say it is in pretty good condition once you get it out. It still looks like it should.
@karen marie
No. The picture is accurate. I've seen an actual Candwich.
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Why is no one asking the hard-hitting questions about this? Namely... HOW DO YOU GET IT OUT OF THE CAN?? There is NOTHING on the internet about this. Is it supposed to come out through that little pop-top you can see in the pictures?? And once you do get it out, what kind of condition is it in? Do you rip it getting it out? Is it like that "pizza in a cup" from "The Jerk"? These are important questions!
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