Boniface the Dachshund Goes Diving

Problem: Like a lot of dogs, Boniface the dachshund get upset when his owner Sergei Gorbunov leave him out of activities.

Big Problem: Gorbunov likes to go diving and dogs can't breathe underwater.

Solution: A special wet suit and diving mask built just for the intrepid dachshund!

Gorbunov, who is director of diving at Vladivostok Maritime College, said: 'We created the suit for my pet Boniface.

'He always worries when divers disappear under the water so for his sake we have had a special doggy diving suit made, complete with an oxygen tank.

'We think the experiment has been a great success, Boniface felt comfortable under the water but maybe or maybe not because we fed him sausages before and after.'


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This seems much more practical than the dude who made a diving suit for his cat. I mean, the cat might have been tolerant and vaguely interested in what was underwater, but at least dogs are natural swimmers.

Even if it is a wiener dog...
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I'm going to go with: Your dog has separation anxiety, a common problem due to a lack of confidence (and in this case a concurrent dependency problem by the owner). It's okay to leave the dog at home sometimes.
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"Sergei said Boniface will be ready soon to dive in open water with the team at depths of up to 45 metres, which is the maximum depth for human divers."

Those wacky brits. First they're oh so cruel to their little wiener dogs, and second they have no clue how deep humans can dive.
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