Artist Turned Menstruating Lungs Into Art

Artists get inspirations from many things in life, but it's probably safe to say that Lorraine Ashley's inspiration is quite unique.

You see, Lorraine suffers from a rare medical condition called catamenial pneumothorax. She has part of her womb lining her lungs, so every month, those tissues bleed. Basically, she has menstruating lungs.

After painful surgeries, Lorraine decided to turn her experience into art:

Now, after studying art at the University of Derby, Lorraine has been creatively inspired by her experience.

By drilling holes into slate, she has recreated the images of her lungs which were taken during the hospital scans.

They have gone on display at Royal Derby Hospital where she was cared for following the operation in Nottingham.

Her art is called Air of Hysteria and has been described by Lorraine as a chance to turn her experiences "into something really positive".

Lorraine, who now lives in Warwickshire, said: "When I was given my lung images I was looking through them and thought they were beautiful. As images in their own right they were stunning."

Link: Story at This is Derbyshire | Lorraine's website - via Arbroath

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The Interweb is full of haters, Lorraine. For whatever reason, when you add anonymity to the ability to comment, even polite people turn snarkish.

Rest assured that most people find your artwork intriguing.
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Tampons actually, fatecrasher, in my artwork. What do you use, apart from shots from the hip? What will you leave behind when your time is up apart from nasty remarks?

Larfin jackass, cheers for the response. It demonstrates you are a good 'en after all......I have been a practising artist for over 15 years and it is hard work! I liked your message. It made me smile.
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@Lorraine Ashley

I apologise that perhaps my comment may have been one that upset you.

I had my lower arm and hand crushed and they came close to cutting it off as they couldn't get the multiple broken bones right. After MANY operations, rebreaks, some wicked scars (not good wicked), skin grafts, plates, multiple fixeters, months in and out of hospital...I get called lefty or gimp or unco etc etc. My friends are taking the piss but they mean well.

And so do/did I. All the best.

And if I have to explain to one more person who asks down the beach, at the supermarket, in public what I did to my arm I will fooking strangle them with my bad hand.

ps: I would love to be an artist but have never been very handy and are even less so now.
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