The God Particle Music

Instead of looking for the Higgs Boson, the so-called God Particle, in experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, what if you could listen for it instead?

That's what particle physicist Lily Asquith of University College London and colleagues were thinking about when they created LHCsound, where they convert data from the particle collider into musical notes:

Where do the sounds come from?

The sound samples on this site are made from real and simulated data from the ATLAS detector. Simulated data is used by physicists to determine, for example, what a Higgs Boson decay is going to look like in real data.

How is the data converted into sounds?

The data is first processed using the vast and all-powerful ATLAS software framework. This allows raw data (streams of ones and zeroes) to be converted step-by-step into ‘objects’ such as silicon detector hits and energy deposits. We can reconstruct particles using these objects. The next step is to convert the information into a file containing two or three columns of numbers known as a "breakpoint file". It can also be used as a "note list". This kind of file can be read by compositional software such as the Composers Desktop Project (CDP) and Csound software used for this project.

Well, reading about it is nice, but listening to the sounds is much more awesome:

Detector sweep on marimba:

Higgs Jet Simple

Higgs Jet Simple Slow Tempo

Detector Sweet with Momentum

Top Quark Jet

Higgs Jet Energy Gate

Apparently, God is a fan of Marimba music.

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That sounds like the music from my favorite movie: "Forbidden Planet" with Leslie Nielsen and Walter Pidgeon. The music was composed by Louis and Bebe Barron:
Go Theremin!
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Hey, who you calling a black ''hole''? Don't you know that that phrase is racist? Saw some NAACP people on the Internet griping about Hallmark cards that said those very words! And, man, the NAACP people said it was racist and get them cards off the shelves!

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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This music sounds better then the cripe composed by John Carpenter... I know that's not saying much. As for the argument, there is yet to be proof for the existence of both gods, AND the Higgs Boson.
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