Aqua Tower - Inspired Inventiveness and Vision in Chicago

The Aqua Tower is one of those buildings that seem, even at their opening, to be destined for global fame.  It is an amazing structure, to put it simply - it is almost as if the eroded rocks of the Great Lakes had been transformed in to a skyscraper.

Skyscrapers are often seen to be an expression of, to put it politely, male prowess and there has always been a certain my skyscraper is taller than yours not so friendly competition. Perhaps the elegance and fluidity of this design is due to the fact that the main architect is a woman – as is at least half of the staff on her team.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by taliesyn30.

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From Grant Park, the building mostly looked shabby — like some of the window curtains were being replaced. The "erosion" effect may be more striking when you're looking up at the building, but at a distance it's just not effective.
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I'm put to mind of "The Fountainhead", especially the movie version.

In the 1949 movie, an architect laments the boring design of 'modern' buildings... and then goes on to design exciting new buildings which, to my modern eye, look as boring and derivative as anything he sought to replace.
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What a sexist thing to post. It's probably more realistically phallic than a building with sharp corners. Gaudi designed incredibly fluid structures, and he was - gasp - a man.

It looks like one of those Dubai travesties.

I assume the upper floor balconies are fake, to prevent suicides.
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It's definitely not any sort of curtain system tacked on to the outside of the structure. The effect is formed because each floor plate is a little different shape. Each floor is different from all the others, requiring innovative engineered to design a form system that was able to change for each floor
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