Gadget Sprays Noxious Odor Whenever You Type Swear Words

The Pepper Mouth is a USB-powered gadget that sprays a nasty odor into the air whenever someone types swear words on the computer that it's attached to:

There has recently been many incidents where people got in trouble for the language they use in social media sites. Especially young people are not actually aware of what is public and what is private.

Maybe when your "bad language" disturbs you with a bad smell, you will start to understand that it might also have other, more serious consequences.

Link via GearFuse | Photo: Ultra Modern Life Training Lab

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What the hell?

If I'm engaging in conversation with someone who has an education above a 5th grade level, I can be far more insulting when I'm forced not to use the traditional "swear" words.

Huh. I wonder if it would punish me for "douchecanoe".
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Obviously the only real use for this would be for parents who want to stop their Meddlesome Kids from using Bad Words On That Internet, since I can't imagine anybody wanting to use this to self-monitor their curse output.

And, well, it's very obviously a waste of time - Why can't we just have a program that monitors keystrokes and, upon detecting a dirty word, play a short buzzer - or better yet, enter enough backspace keystrokes for you to remove the offending term?

It would be far cheaper - the coding would be almost identical but there would be no hardware - and if you bury it with administrative privileges, it'll be far less tempting to disable it then it will be to unplug the danged stinkdongle from your computer and eliminate those smells. As an added bonus, it doesn't make the room completely unusable by everybody else, and it can never need refill cartridges!

Personally, I'd label this one far less "neat" than "stupid".
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