Clean the Environment -with Whale Poop!

Here on land, we undertake great engineering projects to get rid of biological waste from cities and livestock farms. What about the sea, where huge animals produce a lot of it? It turns out that whales have the ability to offset greenhouse gasses with their poop!
Sperm whales in the Southern Ocean release 220,462 tons of carbon when they exhale carbon dioxide at the water's surface, but their poo stimulates the drawdown of 440,925 tons of carbon, according to the research, published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

These ocean giants and certain other marine mammals may therefore be among the most environmentally beneficial animals on the planet.

"If Southern Ocean sperm whales were at their historic levels, meaning their population size before whaling, we would have an extra 2 million tons (2,204,623 tons) of carbon being removed from our atmosphere each and every year," lead author Trisha Lavery Told Discovery News.

Lavery, a marine biologist at Flinders University of South Australia, and her colleagues explained how the cleaning process works.

You can read all about it at Discovery News. Link -via Digg

(Image credit: Flickr user Erwin Winkelman)

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Big Whoop. 2 million tons is NOTHING. Humans alone count for 228 million tons just by breathing (and that's using the bare minimum for the carbon figure per exhale).

So instead of increasing the whale population, just decrease the human population by a mere 1% and you'll generate more then a 2 million ton savings.
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