The Ten Most Infamous Pirates

Pirates. Nasty and frightening to all people around them. If you see any, run for your life! Here are some of the infamous ones you should read about.

Avast! The entire world has become enthralled by pirates recently. While during their own time they were mostly considered to be frightening outlaws, several were actually sanctioned by their countries of birth to pirate for the causes of their nation. As long as these pirates attacked and robbed the ships of other countries, the country of their birth would not prosecute them as thieves for a small cut of their plunder. However, many decided to be free agents who only gave money to the state once they were caught and about to be hanged for their crimes. Today they are seen as noble ruffians who were merely going against the establishment of the past. Even though modern people have a soft spot for these sea-faring brigands, their vicious acts cannot be ignored. Here is a look at the top ten most infamous pirates with hearts of ice.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by peraperic.

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"The Ten Most Infamous Pirates"

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