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Emerging YouTube star Rachel Zylstra responds in song to reader queries for advice. All of her songs and the lyrics to them are posted on her blog. The above video is a response to this conundrum:

Dear Advice Music,

I was thinking about getting a Roomba to help tidy up my apartment. But, according to such hit TV shows as "Battlestar Galactica," robots like the Roomba are merely setting the stage for a Robot Apocolypse. Am I being too paranoid about emerging technology, or should I have reason to fear our emerging robotic overlords?

-Scared about Being Stalked by a Robot in NY

Here is (in part), her reply:

Robots are the next frontier of
Machines humankind could make a rival of -
Follows perfectly: when we create a thing
We see it turn against us as our enemy.
It's got religious parallels, I see.

But, for real - could be you're paranoid
To believe a Roomba’d overthrow you
Much less do a single task other than vacuum your room
(And sing a mournful tone when it gets stuck)

Which is a reckless response to the inevitable Robopocalypse. But Zylstra does give sound relationship advice in other songs.

Link via Urlesque | Official Website

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Did she create (conceive) her advice prior to putting it to song? Or, did she 'adjust' it after in order to make it better sounding for Youtube? No matter, her willingness to provide advice with her image/talents tells much about her, and not the advice she's actually giving.

It's like seeing two guys sitting in Central Park. (true story BTW) One guy had a sign saying "Free advice". The other guy stopped by later with a sign saying "Good adivice: $1."
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