Milo's Journey

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A young boy, sad, lonely and in hospital after the death of his parents
is visited by a strange but benign magical creature.  Quite simply a
lovely animation by Adan Garcia who worked on this for over a year - a
real labor of love.  And it shows.
This short animated film by Adan Garcia a graduate of The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, majoring in Media Arts and Animation. During his time there he gained extensive knowledge of art and the industry. This really shows in Milo's Journey - it is a really special film which is all the more wonderful because of its simplicity. Not a word is spoken throughout the film but it speaks volumes. Pythagoras said Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few. Or none as the case is here.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by taliesyn30.

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Thanks for all the comments people, but in the end Milo's Journey is my personal piece of art. I made it for me and no one else. Changing anything to satisfy anybody else but myself would not make it my mine. Take it for what it is. If you dont believe in God well fine, Im not telling you to. No Fuggles is not wearing Mario's clothes, yes its similar i know hahaha. Yes Milo is dead at the end. Milo did want a realistic tour of the solar system, not all kids want a fantasy land. No im not cutting anything out. I worked too hard on this to mess it up :D hahaha that should cover everything people have problems with hehehe sorry about that. Im not trying to be mean or anything. I just want to set the record straight
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Well done for a first animation; the space scenes were really cool.

Here are my comments, purely from a layperson's perspective:

1. Seriously, why IS that creature dressed like Mario? I found it distracting and, Mario or not, the clothing didn't seem to fit the plot or actions of the character. Why does a flying space squirrel/spirit guide wear overalls and puffy gloves?

2. While I loved the space scenery, I also thought it seemed to clash with the storyline. I would expect the dream of a little boy to be less scientific and more fanciful, with crazy planets and like, space whales or something. Moreover, Milo's helmet was a cute touch (ha ha, upside down wire hanger), but I immediately thought: why does a kid recovering from burns and psychological trauma, in a hospital, have a cardboard space helmet? It didn't seem authentic.

To me, this animation seems to have melded two different stories/moods that are not fully compatible: A. grieving boy goes on a melancholy, magical journey and B. awesome, inspiring, and realistic tour of our galaxy. Both ideas are cool, but it was hard for me to accept that they could both work together.

I hope that you continue making new animations and posting them. I enjoyed watching!
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RE: Larfin Jackarse

Yeah i started this project in august of 2009. It didnt take very long to model everything. the thing that took months was rigging the characters. Everyone i hired sucked really bad and produced a horrible rig for the 2 characters. I got lucky and found a great person so animation actually started in December and ended in April. I edited and added music as i finished scenes. Rendering the scenes also took forever. It took 15 hours to render a scene that was 15sec's long. I could only render one scene every day and a half. So yeah this project is very dear to me and im so happy it turned out the way it did, considering its my first ever animation :D

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RE: Larfin Jackarse

Thanks for your 2 cents hahaha. The only reason why some of the scenes seem really slow is because i didn slow them down but only because i wanted the scenes to fit the music. Now that Nicky Bendix is composing an original score i can go back and make those scenes faster. Oh and i am in no way trying to be religious, i do believe in God but i am not trying to throw it in peoples faces. I just wanted to tell a story about a little kid to lost his parents and then reunites with them in heaven. I pretty much HAD to use the white light and the angel(the little creature) to guide him. I fucking love Evangelion. I just watched Eva 2.22. Great stuff.
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Hi Adan,

Ok my 2 centz worth.

-well done on the tech skillz. How did you do this for someone who wants to follow you?
-some parts dragged eg the eye blinkz, the general 'slowness of the movements' etc but you are the artist
-I agree with the 'white light' aspect being overtly religous and thus upsets us non-believers of the invisible friend clans.
-I loovvveeee NGE but they handle religion as 'alien presence fact' and 'super mind', the relationship to atcual religion is in passing. I much prefer how 'things' are handled in 'My Neighbor Totoro'.
-have you seen this
-you say a 'year'. How many 'person hours'?

Last but not least, keep it up. Wish I could do it.
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