A Look at How China Manipulates the News

Yang Liwei became China's first astronaut when he orbited the earth in 2003. Cameras were rolling as Yang emerged smiling from the space capsule after his landing. It appeared to be a perfect mission. But was it?
In a lecture he gave to a group of journalism students last month, a top official at Xinhua, the state news agency, said that the mission was not so picture-perfect. The official, Xia Lin, described how a design flaw had exposed the astronaut to excessive G-force pressure during re-entry, splitting his lip and drenching his face in blood. Startled but undaunted by Mr. Yang’s appearance, the workers quickly mopped up the blood, strapped him back in his seat and shut the door. Then, with the cameras rolling, the cabin door swung open again, revealing an unblemished moment of triumph for all the world to see.

Xia's account of the space mission agrees with astronaut Yang's story in his new autobiography of how he suffered injuries during the flight. Xia's lecture, which covered other news stories and how they were altered for the public, was posted on many Chinese websites and quickly deleted by authorities. Link -via Fark

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...and western media always gives us the pure, unadulterated truth? Yeah, right! Try reading the same news story from 5 different sources and you'll get 5 completely different versions (and then spend time trying to work out what the heck actually happened!) The news is manipulated, both by governments and/or the media itself. Get used to it.
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Neil C, you do know that the Chinese invented rockets right

As for those blonde mummies in Western China. That geographical area has belonged to China relatively recently. They were found in Central Asia not East Asia. Its basically an archeological fraud
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This man was put into space on a Russian rocket built on German, more specifically, Nazi technology. The Chinese have no more to do with space innovation that they had with the oodles of other things they take credit for but learned from prehistoric Europeans whose history-rewriting technology is to be found with their blonde mummies in West China.
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