Engaged Couple Born Same Day in the Same Hospital

An engaged couple in Pennsylvania has been together from the very beginning of their lives:

An engaged eastern Pennsylvania couple were born on the same day in the same hospital - and their mothers even shared a room in the maternity ward.

Amy Singley and Steven Smith were born at St. Luke's Hospital in Fountain Hill on April 17, 1986.

After the mothers were hospital roommates, the two families continued to interact through their church in Easton. Smith asked Singley on a date to the movies when they were sophomores in high school.

Link | Photo by Flickr user brianna.lehman used under Creative Commons license

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The Truth to your answer what is out there really what will you find if your still looking they forund it and look at me answering and asking someone who don't know what it feels like
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Furthermore, it's an awfully puritanical over reaction. The idea that there's "one person in the whole world and having a relationship with anyone else degrades us in some way" is extremely unhealthy and unrealistic.
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I don't know. I was very in love with someone six years ago and thought I'd do anything for him. Now I'm with someone else and I can't believe what a better fit we are. If I had stay with person A, I would have been happy, but I'm even happier with person B. And it's not a small difference. Person B, for instance, argues with me, whereas person A was non-confrontational. For someone as contentious and opinionated as myself, that's very important. Having a partner who merely clammed up when I started in on a rant, even when we agreed on the subject, made me feel incredibly isolated.

I wouldn't call it slutting around, for one thing, since what the Truth is describing is the kind of shopping around for a partner that most people do.

This story is interesting and neat, so I disagree that it's sad, but I don't understand the extreme counter-reaction to what sounds to me like a pretty commonly understood practice.
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@The Truth

I'll agree with LeoBass and Gauldar - there's nothing wrong with finding someone great and sticking with them. The idea of 'seeing what's out there' is great for food, cars, houses, etc., but why complicate your life with a laundry list of ex's and the baggage that comes with it (most of the time)? If someone's shooting for a committed relationship or marriage (even in the long term), wouldn't it make more sense to hold on to someone that you appreciate and are appreciated by?
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