The 50 Worst Inventions

Time magazine has a list of what its editors consider to be the worst inventions of, well, it looks like the last fifty years or so. Among them are crocs:

It doesn't matter how popular they are, they're still pretty ugly. The footwear, introduced in 2002, mostly takes the form of rubber clogs, but has seen transformation into high heels and loafers. The company also announced April 26 it would start making ballet flats. "If we make it a little bit more stylish, then we start to appeal to a larger audience," said the company's CEO. Which means they just might be attractive enough to do your laundry in.

What would you add to the list?

Link via io9 | Photo: David Silverman/Getty Images

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Team Crocs here, especially for water-related work and fun. Slip-resitant and comfortable. I've had so many pairs of sandals get up and walk away on their own form mold and mildew and other assorted fungi. Crocs are the perfect footwear for me. People only bag on Crocs because they got so popular and are ugly, that's super un-cool. People who aren't afraid to wear functional and comfortable footwear are the best type of people.
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I think you mean "Betacam", which is still in use today.

Although I totally agree, that Betamax was a good invention. It was superior to VHS in everyway- except popularity. That doesn't make it a bad invention, it just lost the battle with another format.

If someone wants to rag a bad format, I for one think 8-tracks should be on the worst invention list. No rewind and you had to listen to songs you didn't like just to get back around to the ones you did.
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I like Crocks for their functionality. I live near a creek. I can slip them on and go. I have some sandals that work okay, but then they mildew and rot after one season- and who wants to put on wet sandals? Yuck!

As for style, I might point out that fashions come and go all the time. What is in style today will have someone saying "What was I thinking?" tomorrow.
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Can't believe Betamax was on the list. Before the advent of digital storage, Beta was used as the preferred format in TV broadcasting over the easily degradable VHS. Hardly a useless invention.
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