Man Devotes His Life to Marbles

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The interviewer (as far as I can tell, this is from Belgian TV) and soundtrack make this out to be a sad story of an obsessed man, but when watching the clip, another thought comes to mind: Here is a man whose life has been devoted to one passion, marbles, and who spends his time and trouble on this passion.

It's interesting, especially when you consider that it's an innocuous devotion - much less destructive than the addictions most of us harbor.

- via i-am-bored

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Definitely some form of autism. I doubt he's married - looks like he's still living with mom.

Still, awesome marble alley! I'd love to be able to build that with (for) the kids.
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Could be some form of mild autism or asperger. People with asperger's sometimes become fixated on a narrow, unusual interest, like washing machines or subways systems. It's his idea of happy. Everything is controlled, there are rules, ways to organize, and he doesn't have to interact with other people. I don't expect his wife is very thrilled, but it does some like a very inexpensvie hobby.
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