Amityville Horror House for Sale

A beautiful 1927 colonial-style waterfront home with 5 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths, and a ton of history behind it in Long Island can be yours for as little as $1,150,000. The home has had many owners, some more notorious than others.
The home gained its notoriety when Ronald DeFeos killed six family members while they were sleeping in 1974 and subsequent owners George and Kathleen Lutz claimed to be haunted for 28 days, which were detailed in the book "The Amityville Horror" (on the cover: "This book will scare the hell out of you"—Kansas City Star). However, James Cromarty, who lived in the house after the Lutzes were foreclosed upon, "Nothing weird ever happened, except for people coming by because of the book and the movie."

Link to story. Link to listing. -via YesButNoButYes

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I would love that house but I'd have to save for it. I don't believe it is haunted to such an extent I mean I believe in spirits butbi believe Ronald defeo was just a little crazy.
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Town of Amityville NY perhaps should open it up for daily/weekly visits for tourism financially speaking... & would be a great idea for those interested in being at least capable of viewing this long time "infamous" house/story. As was done for Elvis and Graceland. Suggestion anyways...!
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I dream of one day winning the Canadian lottery just once, so I could move and purchase it & as well as the "movie" house they made movies #1-3 of also in Toms River NJ (18 Brooks Rd which I find to be more scary/frightning in appearance when movies were made, would have left it all "original". One day would like to build my "dream" home exactly as the movie house was although mine built in a log home three stories high. Would be great to afford this "first" one though! Plan on visiting them both someday in a future u.s.a road trip to come. Looking forward to it, perhaps on "halloween" Eve would be an idea... lol!
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Re: djcomo, yes but the house is also 13 years older,its 83 years old,lots of maintenence,hardly any yard what-so-ever,and while a nice size I've seen bigger in the area for $550,000.00.I know it's been remodeled but not all by the current owner,and $800,000 is till a ridiculously huge profit to make.They are just using the publicity of the house!
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I put an offer on the house for 950k. Should hear back within a day or two.

BTW- The house was sold to Brian (the current owner) in 1997 for around $300k. That was also 13 years ago.
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