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What Is It? Game 139

W00t! It's time for this week's collaboration with the always-awesome What Is It? Blog. Can you guess what this strange (and pointy!) object above is for?

Two winners this week: the first correct guess and the funniest but ultimately wrong guess win. Pick your own prize from the NeatoShop's large selection of neat Kitchen Stuff.

Contest rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many as you'd like. IMPORTANT: Please write your prize selection alongside your guesses so head on over to the NeatoShop and take a look around, mmkay? Please post no URL or web links - doing so will invalidate your entry. If you don't make a prize selection, then you forfeit the prize. You have until the answer is revealed at the What Is It? Blog.

For more clues, check out the What Is It? Blog. Good luck!

Update 5/23/10 - the answer: A can opener, it could likewise be used to close the openings by placing the points in the holes when putting the can in the refrigerator, patent number 1,037,541. Samantha got it right first, but forfeited her winning because she didn't enter her prize selection with the guess. Congrats to Melphistopheles for the "extreme stooging" guess! He won a set of M-Cups Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups.

Based on the "Scaitle" (?Washington) name, and the wood this is resting on, I would guess that it is a sort of gripper used to pull logs during processing in the timber industry.

We are replete with T-shirts, but thanks.
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A tool that's used to carry large blocks of ice? You stab the pointy ends into the ice and use the handle to move the ice?

Just a guess!
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THis object is called a 'poogler', or sometimes just a 'poog.' It is used in crossbreeding Ostriches and and Red-nosed shoats to create eggs that contain bacon.

This is the greatest sceintific advance in the 21st century.
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It's a Hook Bro's Snapbait! From their Seattle Washington based store, the Hook brothers have been making snapbaits for years. You take the the snapbait by the bludgeoning end, and lobe it into the water at your fishy target like a boomerang. The pointed ends act like spears and hook your fish!

You've got to act fast though to retrieve your prize, as the heavy metal design of the snapbait will make your fish immediately sink.

BUSTED! Large! :D
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It's the "Medieval Times 'Oh no you didn't just look at my man' Dual Eye-Poker-Outter"

Used by the female species to retaliate against other women for taking too long a glance at their man.

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It is a Nyuck. A nyuck is a tool from the short lived but much demented sport of extreme stooging. The nyucker would put the knob of the nyuck between the two middle fingers of the right hand, spikes facing out, and approach the "curly" or "nyuck-ee" and say "Pick Two", and rapidly thrust the nyuck at the eyes of the nyuck-ee. If the nyuck-ee is properly prepared, they will "counter" with a ring and steel plate assembly attached to their left hand, holding it over their nose and blocking. If they do not do this in time, both of their eyes are pierced by the spikes of the nyuck. It's a wonder this sport never caught on.

Matryoshka cups, please.
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It's an antique pacifier.

The outward facing spikes are to help fend off vicious stoats and wombats, whose numbers grew so large in the 19th century that they would overrun towns and villages in a massive search for food. Starvation would make these animals brazen and aggressive, and it was not uncommon for them to launch themselves at the faces of infants to procure a quick meal of tongue and tears.

Thousands of young lives were saved thanks to this ingenious solution. It deserves far more respect than a free t-shirt.
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It's a Memory Improvement Tool. It fits in between your index and middle finger and gives you a painful reminder to read ALL directions pertaining to certain contests, especially here on Neatorama.

Prize: Sword BBQ fork
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it is a tool invented it 1532 called a "Chuk Chuk". used in castioprosthesis 2 castrate wax figurines. Cant have those things reproducing

bombs away shot glasses
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That's the tool (I can't remember the name) used to poke out the eyes of enemies in battle. You'll see the spacing is just right. It was a barbaric tool of torture in medieval times. Much later it had a happy and peaceful job to poke out the eyes of apprentice piano tuners. Blind tuners are always better.
(Evolution XL please)
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