Men in Floating Bouncy Castle Interrupt International Regatta

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Three British pranksters, reflecting upon the great seafaring history of their nation, decided to paddle an inflatable bouncy castle across Italy's Lake Garda. They did so during a major international regatta, and brought along a man in a shark costume (just to be prepared). The act was a publicity stunt for a project called Live Every Litre, which hopes to encourage young people to travel.

via Gizmodo

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um sailing's the BEST sport in the world!!!!
I don't like these ignorant people saying that only the "rich" play it or that sailors live off sponsors.
It's the dedicated that play the sport.
I know, because it's only been 16 years since I was born, but I've been sailing for half my life.

Anyways. The prank was kind of funny. I just wished they hadn't interrupted an international regatta.
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"silly little boats", eh? Pish. Those are Lasers, Sir. FAST silly little boats. Nigh uncatchable.
"pretentious asshats"? Tell that to the Vikings, the Royal Navy, Popeye!
... "pond"?!

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Vonskippy- I know some of those "pretentious asshats" you speak of and I can tell you that some of them only thrive because they found good sponsors that want to spend cash on their equipment. Beside their equipment some of them still have to sleep and eat at whatever place they can find by practically begging like any other poor broke bum. It looks all hight-tech and fancy, but that is just for the happy winners.
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I mean, really, just because someone can afford to participate in an international regatta doesn't mean that they deserve to have their activity interrupted. Besides, having money doesn't make someone a bad person deserving of scorn.
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