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Create Your Own Punctuation Mark

Tyler Cowen of the blog Marginal Revolution responded to an interesting question by a reader. It was:

If you could create a punctuation mark, what would its function be and what would it look like?

Cowen responded:

I've always liked the chess marks "!?" and "?!" and wondered why they weren't used in standard English. The former refers to a startling move which is uncertain in merit and the latter refers to a dubious move which creates difficult to handle complications.

How would you respond?

Link | Image by flickr user Horia Varlan, used under Creative Commons license

Hmm, the interrobang seems more like a ligature than new punctuation.

I like the convention of stars for *emphasis* myself. It's pretty common online and used as a shortcut for boldface type some places.
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I've always wanted a single punctuation mark to convey the emphatic question. Sure, the "?!?" sequence gets the point across, but that's 3 keystrokes.

Were I to invent a single punctuation mark to infer such a query, perhaps an upside-down "?" would work. (Yes, I know that's a common punctuation mark in several languages, but I usually speak/write in English so it's up for grabs as far as I'm concerned...)

Why would anybody argue with that logic¿
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i think "+++" should be used to imply that you just punked someone.

Much like the ellipsis (or "...") is used to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought, or, at the end of a sentence, a trailing off into silence, "+++" can be used to show PWNERSHIP!
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I was taught that ?! was when you were screaming a question like, "WHY AM I ON FIRE?!" While !? was an easier way to type an interrobang/? for use in a rhetorical question.

As for what punctuation mark I would make, I have two:

A backward S with a bold dot within the upper curve. It would be used for sarcastic comments.

Essentially a question mark with the vertical portion replaced with a small circle. This is a mark I learned from a friend that I took to, it denotes that the question or statement needs to be further researched to verify if it is right or not. It is not particularly handy in general use, but in note taking, it can be a handy way to say, "I need to get more data on this later."
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There actually is a sarcasm mark. It's a swirl. You can download it for use on your computer.
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I would modify the semi-colon into a 'semi-exclamation mark' (an exclamation point with a comma at the bottom instead of a period, employed to indicate emphasis in the middle of a sentence or clause, or to add emphasis to a series of nouns or phrases normally separated by commas) and into a 'semi-question mark' (a question mark with a comma at the bottom instead of a period).

I would retain my 'day job' so as to stave off 'starvation.'
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Strunk & White would be aghast to learn that I have used "?!" as a way to end a sort of question that is also an expression of alarm.
And "!?" as an early form of "WTF"
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