Embroidered Wonder Bread

Catherine McEver has lately been embroidering slices of bread.

How do you embroider Wonder Bread? Very, very carefully. How long do they last? I have a couple of slices that are over four years old that look just like new.

More examples at the link.

Link via DudeCraft

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Having instruction and a degree in food science - one of my papers was on Wonderbread. Scintillating, I know huh?
Most breads if left out in an arrid environment and kept away from moisture will last very much like that.
So there is nothing creepy or odd about the way that bread lasts up to four years.

*high five to Evilbeagle

My odd art hobby since highschool has been chewed gum art. My latest experiment has been making them into little flowers.
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jacky, I don't have a problem with the woman who embroiders bread. :P

SparkS...LOL, I have no idea what the difference is supposed to be.
I think that the stiffness would make it easier unless it went too stale, come to think about it, because then it would be crunchy!
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@EB - I guess it would be easier since the stiffness
might help. Then again that could be a liability.
What's the difference between French bread and Italian bread? Don't say one is sold in Paris and the other is sold in Rome!

@MC - Don't you use bread to remove a broken light bulb in a socket? Either that or a potato, I forget.

(turn the switch off first)
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The woman that embroidered the bread obviously has a sense of humour. Lighten up Evilbeagle and don't be so evil. It's taught me never to buy Wonder Bread - if it lasts 4 years it's obviously just a piece of preservative. yuk!
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