Steakhouse Offers Free Steak & Beer to Speed Up Construction

Steakhouse Maloney and Porcelli had a problem: construction across the street is loud, an eyesore, and going on for far too long. So to solve the problem, they came up with an innovative solution: offering free steaks and open bar events for workers if they met construction deadlines. The result? It's working! Construction has sped up measurably, so that Maloney and Porcelli will have their investment returned in the form of a more sightly block.
If the project is completed by its November completion date, workers only will receive a free steak dinner in the private dining space in the upstairs of the restaurant.

“As fun as it is to have construction out in front, we want it gone as soon as it’s possible,” said Allison Good, a spokeswoman for the restaurant. “It’s one of those things that New Yorkers dread but this is something that’s kind of fun and festive. You set timetables and it’s great to stick with it.”

The “Maloney & Porcelli Construction Club” includes its own website, complete with streaming video of the construction and a countdown to the first open bar on June 18 — provided crews complete the excavation of foundations by June 10.

As an advertising stunt, this project is priceless. Link to story. Link to website. - via gothamist

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Even though its for their own reasons, thats indirectly a nice thing to do for those construction workers. Never underestimate the power of proper motivation.

Also Briannana, yep I agree they should be doing their job to the fullest and best of their abilities. In a perfect world, we all would do our very best.
lets be honest though, this is the real world and nobody makes extra effort if theres nothing extra to gain.
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I learned years ago in the aerospace industy that workers have their own brakes and acceleraters, just like cars. There is a prefered cruising speed for workers, just as in cars. It's not laziness in any way... it's just the pace at which they are most efficient in the long run.

Yes, sometimes your car can go 110 miles per hour -- but not for long. The car WILL break down if you keep that up. And so your workers can also do wonders for you in emergencies, but they simply can't do the same every day.
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Smart, but indicative of a problem. If they are getting paid to do a job, they should be doing their damnedest to get that job done. Call me a fuddy duddy if you will, but I think it's BS that someone has to give them additional free stuff in order for them to do their friggin' job the way they are supposed to.
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