6 People Who Saved Your Life (Even though you don't know them)

One man (Not JFK) stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis from becoming WW3. One woman's cells have continued to save lives even after her death. These are just a couple of the true heros who have saved billions of lives, often unrecognized, through their actions, good thinking, and altruism. Take James Harrison (pictured):

Specifically, his blood contains an extremely rare enzyme that can be used to treat babies dying of Rhesus disease. If you've never heard of that disease and figure it's not a big deal, well, wait for the numbers.

Harrison, being a generous type, has donated his rare, life-saving blood roughly 1,000 times over 56 years. This has saved the lives of--seriously, you're not going to believe this--over two million babies around the world.

Link - via mentalfloss

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I already knew most of them, but Cracked always entertains me. HeLa cells have been a boon to science...but at the same time they've been the bane of almost every lab that's worked with them. They contaminate EVERYTHING and had been shown to contaminate over 40 supposedly ground-breaking studies back in 1995-2005.

The article does say that the smallpox in Russia is under round-the-clock security, which isn't true. Yes, the building in Atlanta where our smallpox is kept has armed guards and epic security, but it's fairly well-known that the stuff in russia isn't that well-guarded.
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