Disneyland's Night Crew Deals with Odd Issues

One can only imagine what the cleanup crew must see at one of the most iconic theme parks ever created. The staff at Disneyland shares some very interesting stuff with us, from how to clean saliva to the 200 feral cats living on the grounds.

But the effect is marred when guests sometimes spit at the ghosts, and the saliva ends up on the screens where it glows under black lights. Because typical cleaning products bleach the screens, David Graefen, the ride's service manager, said his crew created a special saliva-cleaning solution.

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I worked there. I didn't really see what the night crew does or anything, but they come in when I was leaving and I could hear them saying good morning to each other at 3 am when I left. But maybe those were mechanics.
But I did see them hosing down all the streets on Main Street each night. And otterly is right about the lights. They turn off some but leave a bunch of the outside lights on. Like, they'll turn off the glittering signs.
I can't imagine how nasty Disneyland gets with kids barfing and all personal emergencies. They do hide it really well.
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All jobs at Disneyland have a strange side to them.. Guests a Disneyland are very odd. But being in the park after closing is pretty amazing. They leave the lights on all night, nothing really completely shuts down.
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