The World's Most Advanced Gas-Powered RC Car

RC car maker Losi has released what's being called the most advanced radio controlled car ever built. The Ten-T has a single-cylinder 3.4 cc gas engine that burns a mixture of methanol, nitromethane and lubricant and provides 1.8 hp. It has dual disk brakes, front and back, and adjustable suspension. Even though it's only 18 inches long and weighs just 6.2 pounds, it's built like a race car. Eric Adams of Popular Science has all of the details:

With the Ten-T you just hit "start" on the remote. That turns on the car's own electric motor, powered by a 7.4-volt lithium-polymer battery. The motor turns a starter shaft behind the engine, which spins the crankshaft until the engine's suction draws in fuel. Meanwhile, the battery also lights a glow plug, similar to a spark plug, in the engine. The plug's hot element, combined with the compression of the fuel-air mixture when the piston rises, ignites the fuel. Then the plug keeps glowing, and the fuel keeps burning, until you're ready to call it quits.

Article Link and Manufacturer Link | Photo (unrelated) via flickr user SteelCityHobbies used under Creative Commons license

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This is old tech, the only thing new is it lugs around a battery and starter at all times? along with the engine and fuel?!?
Brushless electric engines make a ton more power, run silently, don't need fuel, and are easier to control.
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Hardly, that stuff has been around for decades. And it's not "gas-powered" if it's burning "glow-fuel".

Just another pseudo-article/advert from the maybe popular but definately not science PopSci magazine.
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