Ice Patch Archaeology

As Arctic ice fields retreat, more and more artifacts that were frozen and buried are coming to light. In 1997, hunters found a dart that turned out to be over 4,000 years old. Since then, scientists are searching for history that was preserved under ice for thousands of years. Biologists are finding specimens of well-preserved plants and animals. Archaeologists are collecting evidence of human habitation. Pictured is a bone arrow with a copper tip, believed to be about 1600 years old. TYWKIWDBI has a roundup of stories of newly-found glacial artifacts. Link

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There's a discussion in the comments after the article that addresses the state of the climate then. Doesn't appear to be any conflict with current climate theory.
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So, 1600 to 4000 years ago the ice caps were smaller than they are now. Hmm I wonder how they solved their global warming to get the ice caps back to the obviously closer to perfect temperature we just recently had before man made global warming. perhaps the scientists could use these clues to figure that out.
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Those artifacts, bones, and mummified extinct animals must be valuable. Safe and sound under all that ice and snow for centuries. I gotta go up there and see what I can haul away.
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