Archive for May 2nd, 2010

The Original Names of Celebrities

Cary Grant was originally Archibald Leach and Elvis Costello was originally Declan MacManus, but both changed their names for obvious reasons. Michael Keaton was originally Michael Douglas and was forced to change his na...

Cupcake Cannon

(YouTube Link) Why would anyone want to get hit the face with a cupcake fired out of a 120 psi cannon? Wrong question. The correct question is: why wouldn't everyone want to get hit the face with a cupcak...

The Madness of Messerschmidt

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt was labelled mad in his own century and by the time he died in 1783 he had produced sixty four remarkable busts of himself which reflected his state of mind and his attempt to alleviate his perp...

Raptor Hoodie

What fun! Animate the raptor on your shirt with your sleeves! These shirts come in frog, alligator, and other styles for both children and adults from Mouth Man. And here's some unexpected trivia: the Mouth Man shirt c...


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