Telephone Remake

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A group of GIs stationed in Afghanistan lip sync and dance to Lady Gaga's song "Telephone". They did a great job, but you can almost feel the boredom that inspired this. -via YesButNoButYes

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Wow Antichrist! (#11) You're one big man!

Lemme guess, you are a 20 or 30-nothing (typical Gen-Xer), unemployed, living in mommy's basement, hygenically challenged, permanently attached to the keyboard munching bag after bag of Cheetos slammed down with one BigGulp after another... Just like most of your generational peers!
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Wow, Anarchist. I just saw these guys dancing and thought it was semi-humorous.

I would point out that these troops aren't in Iraq. You may not have read that while you were launching into your own rant/mantra (rantra?).

I thought the big guy had some pretty good moves. (plus they weren't all white boys).
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Well since it's all one big group hug for brave soldiers, I guess I have to say it.
I do hope as many of them as possible make it back alive of course but in no way do I respect them for their sacrifice should they not.

Signing up for participation in a pointless conflict based on pride, xenophobia, hate and oil-rights is just about the dumbest thing a man could do. Learning how to kill and making their living applying that skill by perpetuating said conflict is mercenary work and in no way to be admired. Even if it's done out of misplaced notions of patriotism, that particular -ism went out with nationalism, communism and the rest - we are clusters of individuals - flags do not unite us, families, joint interest and shared beliefs do.

Calling Vietnam veterans "baby-killers" was wrong since many of them were conscripted and the war had been started by others and an intervention may even have been necessary.
I'll call the Iraq soldiers that in a heartbeat. The fact that we've all started reciting this "God bless the troops" mantra uncritically is not just a sign of tactfulness - it's a sign of cowardice and the loss of ideals.

Can't say I like the dance moves either, would tell them not to quit their day jobs but...see above.
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