Floating Wind Farm

The Poseidon 37 is a floating wind farm under construction by the Danish company Floating Power Plant. It will generate 40 to 50 gigawatt hours of energy a year. The facility will be about 230 meters long and weigh over 30,000 tons, making it sturdy enough to withstand the roughest seas. The final product will also be able to acquire energy from turbines powered by the ocean's waves:

Topping a wave system with wind turbines takes out some of the risk. Offshore turbines are a proven, stable technology. Thus, even if the wave generators don't produce as much energy as planned, at least the investors will see revenue from wind energy. In a sense, this model could be viewed as an offshore wind turbine with wave energy thrown in as a bonus.

The risk is further diminished by the design of the wave power platform. It's big. The company borrowed heavily from the engineering techniques behind the floating platforms that have been built by the oil industry for years. The platform's sheer size insulates it from hazards posed by rogue waves and 100-year storms.

Link via Gizmodo | Image: Floating Power Plant

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@ markoer

Nuclear is not the worst energy economically.. The nuclear material that is everyone imports from Africa has such a long lifetime of use it is actually considered a domestic energy source. In other words, it eventually pays itself back. While the oil is not cheaper, or cleaner. Carbon emissions are produced from oil, while no carbon footprint is produced from nuclear energy. Nuclear power is one of the most powerful and 'clean' energies the earth has to offer.
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LOL nuclear power, tell it to Chernobyl victims :-)

Still you have to dispose of nuclear residuals that will last for thousand years. And it is the worst energy economically as it requires huge costs. It only makes big companies richer so it is very well advertised, but actually oil is overall cleaner and cheaper. Nuclear power is the doom of our society.
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