Fabulously Funny Facebook Fan Pages

By now, you probably know there’s a Facebook fan page for just about every subject under the sun, even for people who hate that everything has a fan page. Even so, you’ll probably be surprised by just how specific some of these fan pages can get. To that end, here’s a collection of some of the weirdest and funniest fan pages around. I’d like to dedicate this post to my cousin Jon who both inspired me to write this article and gave me a leg-up on the research after he joined so many weird fan pages.

Hateful But Humorous

We know the internet is full of haters, but when does a pet peeve become something greater: when thousands of people share your anger at the subject. Whether you hate people who eat string cheese without peeling it, 6 year-olds with cell phones, Ed Hardy, getting your feet tickled or orange-skinned Jersey Shore girls, there’s certain to be some group on Facebook that’s sure to make your hatred of a random subject seem at least somewhat legitimate. There is even a group for people who hate having to tell Microsoft Word that their name is not a misspelling.

Image via www.votejoec.com [Flickr]

Only On The Internet

Sometimes, it’s important to remember just how much the internet has changed our lives. Take, for example, the fact that now when you want to tell your friends how your day was you often have to remember that your family could also be included in the message.

You might also recall how much our vocabulary has changed in the last decade. It’s to the point where LSHMSFOAIDMT(Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco) would be a legitimate expression if it weren’t just so darn long.

Image via anniebby [Flickr]

Celebrating the Little Things In Life

Even now though, the internet does not control our entire lives, it’s still about the simple things and you don’t need to own the Book of Awesome to remember how great it is to get the extra item in the vending machine, push the buttons on your soda cups or to laugh so hard you feel like you’re exercising. We also all remember how great it was to make a robot voice with the help of a fan when we were kids. And let’s never forget how great it can be to enjoy free samples at Costco.

Image via Chapandra [Flickr]

Daily Observations

Similarly, sometimes it’s just comforting to know that you aren’t the only one to know you feel a certain way or notice certain things. Whether you’re the person who constantly questions where you got that bruise or scratch (I certainly am) or the type who finds themselves periodically thinking ‘I’m so glad my laugh doesn’t sound like that,’ it’s always nice to know you’re in good company. There’s even a group for all of you grammar Nazis out there where you can celebrate knowing the difference between the three spellings of “there.”

Image via Unhindered by Talent [Flickr]

Marvellously Nerdy Movie Fans

While most people just become the fan of an actor or movie they like, some people have strangely specific Facebook fan pages made after them, like the group dedicated to Morgan Freeman’s voice. This is particularly ideal for those who love the way he talks but hate his movies. Alternatively, some people choose certain parts of a movie to relate with, for example those who are fans of “I Hate It When Someone Puts Your Name In The Goblet of Fire Without Telling U [sic].” There are even fan pages based around character’s names, or rather getting someone’s sister to name their baby after a character name…specifically Megatron. Interestingly, the person who started the group said that if it got over one million fans, his sister would go ahead with the Megatron title. The page currently has 1.7 million fans already, so I guess we’ll know in August (when the baby is due) if the sister is true to her word.

Image via Kenya Allmond [Flickr]

Schooltime Facebook Fun

While most Neatorama readers have graduated long ago, it is still refreshing to learn that high school today is still largely the same as it was in our day. Fortunately, “Pretending to Look For Your Homework When You Know You Didn’t Do It,” and “English Teachers Put More Thought Into A Novel Than The Actual Author Did,” can help us remember just what it was like to suffer through the day-to-day drudgery of English essays and math exercises.

Image via beautyfromashes [Flickr]

Somewhat Unrelatable

I have to say that one of the funniest groups I’ve seen is one that you probably won’t get unless you live in my hometown of San Diego. For those of you who have spent a good amount of time in America’s Finest City (I’m not bragging, that’s its real nickname), there is the page for those of us who once thought the Mormon Temple in La Jolla was actually a castle. Even if you’ve never seen it in person though, the picture is sure to give you some idea about what we’re talking about here.

Image via San Diego Shooter [Flickr]

I Hope We All Feel This Way

Sometimes the funniest groups are simply those that celebrate something that’s so obvious it seems preposterous to not be a fan of the idea. For example, I don’t need to join the Facebook fan page just to prove that I support not being stabbed repeatedly, but apparently some people can’t feel strongly enough about the subject.

Image via cookiealbarn [Flickr]

Now it’s your turn readers, I’m sure you’ve seen some wacky groups and fan pages that the rest of us have never even heard of, so share already!

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here is a fan page for all to enjoy:
I hate it when i have my period in the ocean and a shark bites my vagina

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That picture that goes with the 'not getting stabbed' is funny. it looks like a murder scene but if i look closer it looks more like a knife on a wood cutting board that 'murdered' some juicy berries.
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