3D Rendering of the Anne Frank House

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For its 50th anniversary, the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam has created an interactive 3D model of the attic that Anne Frank and her companions hid in for two years during World War II. The above video is a sample of that model.

Link via Fast Company | Previously on Neatorama: The Only Known Video of Anne Frank

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Before cashing in to the tune of millions by writing the second half of his deceased (Like many "Holocaust" victims, she died of TYPHUS) daughter's "diary" after the war, leo Frank was a war profiteer, who managed in stereotypical fashion to continue padding his wallet while in hiding by SELLING MUNITIONS TO THE NAZIS.

Here's some interesting commentary from Friedrich Berg:

"Anne Frank was murdered by the Americans"

Anne Frank was among the dead at Bergen-Belsen. She died there from typhus, even though she had spent many months in Auschwitz in 1944. By late 1944 she had been evacuated to Bergen-Belsen, where she died four months later — just two weeks before the camp was turned over to a British medical team on April 15, 1945, as part of a negotiated truce which had been initiated by the SS. It was the British who had delayed the actual transfer of the camp for several days, perhaps even weeks, because of special security demands they had put upon the SS. [See footnote 34 of my essay "Typhus and the Jews."]

Anne Frank and countless others had "survived" Auschwitz because
the Nazis had wanted them to "survive." If the Nazis had wanted them
to die, they certainly would have been able to arrange that — but they,
obviously, had no desire to kill her, even though Anne Frank's usefulness to the Nazi war effort would have been close to nil.  
The SS and Nazis had fed Anne Frank, and had clothed her with clean,
lice-free clothing, and provided shelter and security, and much more
as best they could in spite of the war. If they had simply left her out in
the cold winter, she would have died quickly from exposure — but they
had kept her warm and alive instead.

It was British and American terror bombing and strafing that ultimately
murdered Anne Frank — NOT the Nazis! Her unburied remains were
probably still there when the British entered the camp and may even be
identified someday in a picture, such as the one below [at his website].

Of course, the Americans and Brits had not murdered her intentionally, Anne Frank's death was merely the kind of "collateral damage that
happens." If she had merely been any German girl of the same age,
there would be nothing to talk about. For example, 140 German girls
named "Anne" were murdered in Würzburg on March 16, 1945, by Allied bombing in which 7,000 people were killed.
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It looked liked there were about 4 different "attics"?

The camera kept going up more stairs...
Where did the Franks actually live?

Nice idea, but poorly done.

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Fascinating. Especially so, because when I went to Amsterdam and the line to enter the house was so long that we didn't have time to wait -- to my everlasting disappointment.
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