R.I.P. 3.5" Floppy Disk

The Sony Corporation, which created the 3.5 inch floppy disk in 1981, will cease production of the format next year:

With the advent of CDs and later, DVDs, the use of the plastic floppys and its limited storage capacity were quickly deserted.

After the Apple G3, along with PCs, began shipping without the drives pre-installed the disks became virtually obsolete. However, the death of the format has only now become official with Sony's decision. [...]

The 3.5 inch floppy was first introduced in 1981, and hit the height of its sales in 2000.

Link via Nerd Bastards | Photo: flickr user matsuyuki used under Creative Commons license

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Oddly, the jet that I fly that was designed around 2000 and built in 2005 uses 5x3.5" floppies to update its navigational database MONTHLY. The cost to upgrade the system costs more than I paid for my last (used) car. Finding a computer to write the data to the disks is a royal pain.
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R.I.P. 3.5" ? Now there's some nostalgia...
I still must have my stacks of WordPerfect 4.0 and DrDos 3.5 lying around somewhere. What was it? about 7 or 8 disks for one program? And there must be some disk with (how exiting for the young lad I was back then! :-P ) early computerporn too- Mostly text and about 30 very low-quality pics on it because that was all that my computer with VGA-screen and without internet capacity could handle. Thas was back in 1988. I still have a floppy drive on my current home computer, but I haven't used that in ages.

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Just last week, I sold a whole unopened box of DOUBLE sided ones. Obviously someone still uses them.

@ Chrome - hells yeah. How else are you gonna play the original Wolfenstein?
Ooo shareware memory.

@ Flick - You must use and IBM. At an old job, we had an IBM cash register that worked on those 8 inch disks.
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