Dave the Wonder Dog

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Dave may have had a terrible party in a previous life. He really hates that one particular song! -via The Daily What

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My friend's dog does the same thing to the same song! She even sings songs like 'you are my sunshine' as his name is Sunny and he's fine, but boy when you start singing 'happy birthday' block your ears! We always wondered about this, and we were thinking, since dogs have a better sense of smell than us humans, maybe they associate the song not with people cheering and clapping, but with the fact that he can smell the lit candles and perhaps he senses danger. Dogs are pretty smart, he might have just learned to associate the song with the danger of fire. And until dogs can learn to communicate with us, I guess we'll never know ;)
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Seems to me, with all that tail wagging and happy perking-up, that he ran outside for some serious play, wondering why the ones who started it are still inside. Seems to me.
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Our dog reacts similarly to the song "Lollipop" to the point that I get the stink eye as soon as the Dell commercial comes on! He hates it because he knows the "pop" is going to happen, and he doesn't like that. My guess is their dog doesn't like clapping, and the song is often followed by clapping!
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