Shark Bites Surfboard; Surfer Rides Shark

Jim Rawlinson was riding the waves at Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii on Monday when a tiger shark attacked his surfboard.
As he slid backwards what happened next is as frightening as it is unimaginable.  Rawlinson ended up on the back of the  ocean's most feared predator.

"I was onto the shark's back...anywhere from about five to ten seconds.  It was so strange that everything was so slow and yet again so fast."

Rawlinson credits his escape from the large, toothy fish on his ability to stay calm.  As he straddled the fish, he released his surf leash from around his leg and slowly slid off.

From the bite marks left on the surfboard, Rawlinson and marine biologist Terry Lilley, who was shooting video underwater nearby, estimate the shark was around 14 feet long. Link -via Fark

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actually brad there are a lot more than 4 speices of sharks that have attacked humans. the thing is how many speices have had fatal attacks. and this story is amazing i would love to be able to ride a tiger shark call me crazy but i love them and believe in my heart that they are not man eaters they just have no other way of feeling other than to bite. which is why the most common attack is known as the bumb and bite or hit and run. they dont want to eat us because we dont taste good to them. the fatal attacks are most likely rouge sharks that havent eaten for a long period of time and do what they must and take the prey they can. more people a year are killed by deer and pig than by shark attack. and for every one person killed by a shark humans in turn kill about a million shraks. fear is the most dangerous feeling a human can have toward an animal becuase we kill what we fear or dont understand and if sharks are extinct then crudely phrased were all screwed.
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brad, I'm sure that's true, but I don't think it would calm me down much if I found myself on the back of a monster shark that had just taken a bite out of my surfboard.
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Sharks usually do not try to eat people. But every once and awhile they'll take a bite at a foreign object to see what it is. Only 4 out of 360 species of shark have ever attacked a human.
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