12-year-old Runs School

Bharti Kumari of Kusumbhara, Bihar, India is the headmistress of the village school at the age of twelve! Every day, she walks two miles to another village to attend school from 10AM to 3PM. Before and after her own classes, she teaches language and math to 50 village children between the ages of five and ten.
Her pupils are among the 10 million Indian children who are outside the state education system because their parents are so poor that they need them to work or no schools are nearby. Earlier this month the Indian government pledged £3.6 billion for a “right to education” scheme which aims to provide free schooling for all.

Kumari has decided she wants to be a teacher, even after she grows up. Link -via Arbroath

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Actually, there is already a movie with this story. All the people involved in the story play themselves in the movie. It's called "Not One Less." Check it out.
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Maybe it is not such a bad idea to subject our pampered brats to such a Lord of the Flies style of schooling. Already we have people with the mental age of 12 running our public schools in the states so what is the controversy? This girl's strong character shows she is most suitable for the job at hand, more so than most of the pudding-headed products of our first-world tertiary schools.
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OH NO...the government providing education! That's SOCIALISM...that dirty, dirty word. Let's hear the Teabaggers get started on that one! Don't they know what's best for ALL of us????
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That school is where the kids from Atlantic High School in NJ and kids in the Temple school district of Texas, need to be enrolled. Let them deal with that for a few weeks and I am sure theiy will be more civil to their teachers and school staff. They might also learn compassion.
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