The Genetic Disease That Completely Erases Racial Bias

Is racial bias hardcoded into our genes? Here's the interesting discovery that children with Williams Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, are incapable of racial bias:

WILLIAMS Syndrome (WS) is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder caused by the deletion of about 28 genes from the long arm of chromosome 7. It is characterized by mild to moderate mental retardation and "elfin" facial features. Most strikingly, individuals with WS exhibit highly gregarious social behaviour: they approach strangers readily and indiscriminately, behaving as if everybody were their friend. And, according to a study published today in the journal Current Biology, they are the only known group of individuals who do not form racial stereotypes.


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Maybe due to our forced cultural social habits, these random mutations of autism are the next stage in human evolution. Maybe nature is trying out a survival of the nicest, while everyone that is dickish and self serving kills each other off?
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Good at Sports, Tigergulp actually makes a really good point. He may have said it in an incredibly dickish way...but that should be a legitimate concern for parents of children who may have this disease. I know I definitely wouldn't want my kid going up to every person they encounter on a daily basis and treating them as if they were his best friend. There are just too many freakish people out there these days, especially in a big city like where I live.
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Tigergulp, you may be the most racist person I've ever had the dissatisfaction of finding on this blog. I don't know how you can defend yourself, unless you truly are a racist, because what does not having racial bias have to do with getting raped or murdered? Are you saying anyone who isn't of your race is a rapist and a murderer?
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And of course the result of this research is that now a lot of people out there are convinced that Not to have Racial Bias is being retarded..................

While lots of people who have problems with racial biasses still are convinced that most people who have racial biasses are completely retarded.

Now how retarded can our human world get...
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