Bicycle and Propane-Powered Cotton Candy Maker

I've always wanted to get me a cotton candy maker, but my teeth will probably rot from all the cotton candy I'd eat.

So perhaps it's better if I just limit myself to adoring this ingenious bicycle and propane-powered mobile cotton candy maker in China. The sugar is heated with propane, and the cotton candy is spun using the bike pedals.

Wonderment blog has the video clip [embedded YouTube clip] | MAKE blog has larger pics (Photo: Kai over at MAKE) - Thanks Amie!

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Wow. Back in the Philippines we used to have a guy like that. He was always at birthday parties. Originally he had started out with just a knife and scissor sharpening service and he had a little sharpening stone attached to the crank on the bike pedals. But he had modified the bicycle to a further degree in a similar fashioon as the Chinese guy. So his main business was sharpening things. And his side business was making cotton candy.
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@vic: the weakest part of a propane tank is the tap, but thats protected from impact bij a shield. Besides that its really hard to get one explode, you have to heat (put IN a fire) it.

Knocking one over is not gonna do anything.
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I am not an expert on propane tanks. That being said: What would happen if he fell over or another large impact was made on the tank. Could it explode? Somehow, it doesn't seem safe to me. I could just be over reacting. Anyone know the safety features of propane canisters?
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