10 Little Known Relatives of Famous Animals

Some animal species get more press than others, but there's always more to learn about the animal kingdom. For example, you've heard of the giant squid? Its cousin, the colossal squid, is even more astounding.
Colossal squids are found in the oceans around Antarctica, and were only recently photographed alive. Measuring up to 14 meters long and weighing up to 200 kgs, it is easily the largest invertebrate in the world. It also has the largest eyes of any living animal; these eyes allow it to see in the dark, an useful ability for an animal that spends most of its life in the deepest parts of the sea. Colossal squids are powerful, formidable predators armed with eight arms and two long tentacles; unlike the giant squid, which is armed with suction cups only, the colossal squid has both suction cups AND “tiger-like claws” on its tentacles, which allows it to catch bigger prey and to defend itself against its two main enemies, the sperm whale and the giant sleeper shark, both of which can sustain serious injury while trying to attack one of these squids.

Read about more of these little-publicized species at Listverse. Link -via Look at This

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"10 Little Known Relatives of Famous Animals"

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