Japanese Toilet Horror

Hanako-san is a girl ghost who haunts school toilets. The urban legend goes back decades. No one knows for sure how the story got started, but artists and pop culture outlets are happy to feed the fear.
It is not uncommon for schools to have a toilet permanently occupied by the mysterious girl, who is known in Japanese as Toire no Hanako-san (lit. “Hanako of the toilet”). She is often found in the third stall in the restroom on the third floor — usually the girls’ room — but this can vary from school to school. Details about her physical appearance also vary, but she is usually described as having bobbed hair and wearing a red skirt.

Hanako-san’s behavior also varies according to location, but in most cases, she remains holed up in the bathroom until an adventurous student dares to provoke her. Hanako-san can be conjured up by knocking on the door to her stall (usually three times), calling her name, and asking a particular question. The most common question is simply “Are you there, Hanako-san?” If Hanako-san is indeed present, she says in a faint voice, “Yes, I’m here.” Some stories claim that anyone courageous enough to open the door at this point is greeted by a little girl in a red skirt and then pulled into the toilet.

See more possibly disturbing pictures of Hanako-san at Pink Tentacle. This story is part of a series on Japanese urban legends. Link

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The red dress is obviously symbolic of that monthly cycle, signalling the end of a girl's childhood. Someone told me once that's why Little Red Riding Hood's hood was red. It's all symbols, people.
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When I was working at a middle school in South Korea last year my students told me that I shouldn't use the third stall in the bathroom next to my classroom.
Apparently there is an 'egg ghost'. It's a girl in an old school uniform with long black hair and no face (hence, she looks like an egg.)
They told me she would stick her hand up through the toilet bowl and pull me down with her.
I told them that we were good friends and that if they didn't do their homework I would send her to their house to get them.
(Then at Halloween I dressed up as her and hung out in that bathroom during lunchtime. I'm mean.)
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Ah school days. Living overseas I remember Hanako-San. Then coming to the US I discovered her counterpart of Bloody Mary.
I wondered if they were related. LOL.
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