The Newest in Bulletproof Tech: T-Shirts

Scientists have developed a way to make T-shirt fabric reinforced with boron carbide, which is the same material used to strengthen military tanks. Boron carbide has a hardness just short of diamonds. Imagine that strength in a regular lightweight shirt!
To turn cotton bulletproof, researchers from the University of South Carolina and their collaborators from China and Switzerland dipped sections of regular T-shirts (Fig 1a) in a special mix of nickel and borate. After allowing the cotton to absorb the mix for 2 hours (Fig 1b), the textile was dried quickly in an oven and cured at a high temperature for 3 hours. Once ready, the pieces of cotton were placed in a furnace and headed at 1160°C for 4 hours while continuously aerated with argon. Finally, the resulting fabric pieces (Fig 1c) were cooled and analyzed using electron microscopes and a barrage of strength tests.

So far, the performance of the material is not up to Kevlar standards, but with some tweaking, body armor may soon be as easy to wear as any other clothing. Link

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by NerdyChristie.

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There's a difference between being able to able to prevent eh passage of a bullet, and being able to absorb the impact of a bullet. While I don't doubt the idea of being able to create a t-shirt that will prevent a bullet from passing through, the kinetic energy of the bullet will still be transferred to the target. Traditional body armor is designed to absorb this energy, but something like a t-shirt could not. Just a thought. Maybe if you had a bulletproof t-shirt over a ton of padding!
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