5 Civilizations That Just Disappeared

Just how hard is it to misplace an entire civilization, really?
...the Mayans were an incredibly advanced society believed to have the only complete written language in the pre-Columbian Americas. They were also renowned for their art, their architecture, and just being plain awesome. They were a brilliant, diverse civilization with more advancements than most other cultures in the world. And then, somehow, their entire civilization disappeared between the years 800 and 900 AD. There are some obvious theories as to what happened, including invading “explorers” wiping them out, famine, or maybe they just realized that since the end of the world was coming, they’d go ahead check out early.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by milos87.

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Agreed with all of the above. I'm an anthropologist, teaching at a small college. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to counteract these kind of "articles" and their basic cable cousins. For the record, the Maya and the Khmer did not "disappear," nor are they lost. They know right where they are, thank you very much, and you can even go talk to them about it if you like, and can afford the air fare.
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I agree with Allen Gavin - that was dumb. And they didn't mention civilisations like Great Zimbabwe, or the Indus Valley Civilisation - that appeared to just disappear as easily as they appeared.
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so the source is weirdworm and you found it via weirdworm, right? Nice moderation work Neatorama. Two links for the price of one? Bravo! And the article is really stupid, too.
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