The Teahouse at the Top of the World

Information about this place is still sketchy, but there appears to be a tea house in Anhui Province, China, that is only accessible after rappelling up a mountain. You can view amazing pictures of people ascending the mountain at the link.

Link via Radley Balko | Photo: Just Ask Shirley, gxnews

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Correct, it is Mount Hua Shan just outside of the city of Xian, close to the terracotta warriors. You can take the new cable car or the old path/staircases to about 3/4 of the way up. From there there are four different peaks you can get to, all by chiseled staircases or paths as pictured. The teahouse is a teahouse/restaurant/temple/hostel. We stayed a night in 2009; very basic but incredible. The wooden walkways and chiseled holes are real and just as scary as they look, but you don't have to take them. They are an in/out pathway to a small temple in the cliff face. A must see for anyone.
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This is on Hua Shan mountain in Shaanxi Province, not far from the city of Xi'an (with the Terra Cotta warriors). A fantastic set of 5 peaks, linked by paths and stone steps. My wife climbed partway along that wooden walkway (in the rain!) after we spent the night at the rough hotel at the top. You borrow a simple harness to clip in to the chains. The main peaks have thousands of visitors - many hiking in dress shoes and high heels! All supplies are carried up by workers straining to lift massive bags full of food, drinks, and souvenirs to the shops on the route.

Supposedly James Cameron visited and was inspired to model the floating mountains of Pandora after these peaks.
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