Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements

Illustrator Russell Walks created a periodic table of imaginary elements that appeared in science fiction movies, television shows, and books. Among them is Wonderflonium, the rare element that Dr. Horrible needed to complete his freeze ray. via Urlesque

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Hi, everyone...
Thanks for all of your interest in "The Periodic Table of IMAGINARY Elements."
FYI, Unobtainium IS on there - It's abbreviation is "Pa", which stands for Poul Anderson, and is a little dig at Mr. Cameron. (see this:
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Reminds me of this brilliant video in the "Look Around You" series. If you look at the periodic tables shown throughout the series, you'll see elements like "Hello" and "Red" and "Toronto" sprinkled in among the real ones.
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He needs to add the one from Avatar. The not so creatively named unobtainium (also spelled unobtanium). It's a generic term that wiki and others define as any 'rare' element in sci-fi. I think with the budget Cameron had on that movie he could have made an actual name for the element.
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