New Human Ancestor Found

A couple of two million-year-old skeletons found in South Africa have been classified as a new species and named Australopithecus sediba. This discovery may be a "transitional species" between australopithecines and humans.
Growing to just over 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall, A. sediba has a number of key traits that some would say mark it as an early human, like Homo habilis, which many consider the first human species.

A. sediba, for example, had long legs and certain humanlike characteristics in its pelvis, which would have made it the first human ancestor to walk—perhaps even run—in an energy-efficient manner, the study says.

However, there are also many apelike traits in the new species. Link

(image credit: Brett Eloff)

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I'm glad you resisted the urge to use the phrase "missing link". Missing? We have an ever growing repotoir or transitional fossils. Evolution FTW!
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Sure it can, through procreation between lazy humans resulted in a whole line of lazy people of increasing laziness. The final product is that guy that was too damn lazy to inspect the loose lid on your bottle of beverage.
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"New Human Ancestor Found"

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