Despite Gunman, Pizza is Delivered

Burkina Faso native Assami Semde was delivering two pizzas in the Harlem area of New York City when he was accosted by two hooded teenagers. One drew a gun and demanded the pizzas. Semde put the pizzas down and punched the gunman, who ran off. Then he grabbed and held the other man until police arrived. Then he finished delivering the pizzas, still hot, before he went to file a police report.
Semde's boss, Frank Grecco -- a retired NYPD detective with 22 years on the force -- called the teen "very courageous" but added, "I told him, 'Next time, leave the pizza!'

"He now realizes that he may have done something a little bit crazy," said Grecco, who owns the East Harlem Famous Famiglia.

Semde agreed.

"It's crazy. I think it's better not to fight," he said.

Link -via Arbroath

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So you're calling a NYPD detective who has been on the force for 22 years a wimp? Well, maybe... but then again I'm sure he knows that people who pull guns on people never think about the consequences of their actions.

As for the lighter side, I wonder if he apologies for the lateness of his delivery and that he got "held-up" in traffic and was forced to detour.
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B.M., I'm a gun enthusiast and owner, but I'm glad I don't live in your state. Or your neighborhood. Your attitude of "guns make me tough" is exactly why many people want to limit your right to them.
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The boss is a typical American wimp. If this were in my state, the driver might have pulled out his own gun and ended the problem with just two or more shots. A pizza pie might not be worth risking your life over, but getting even with a low life robber who threatens it, is priceless.
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