How To Jump From A Speeding Car

Admit it. You've all thought about a scenario where you have to jump out of a speeding car to survive. But how? The Art of Manliness has the inside guide:

... when I lived in Tijuana, two of my friends actually did have to jump from a speeding vehicle. True story.

After leaving my apartment one night, these two guys got on a calafia, or bus. Now calafias are pieces of crap. They’re essentially school buses from the 1970s painted different colors to correspond with their route. None of them would pass a vehicle inspection in the U.S. and a lot of the drivers are crackheads.

The area we lived in was super hilly. As the bus was descending one of these steep, long hills, my friends noticed that while the bus driver was repeatedly stepping on the brake pedal, the bus kept going faster and faster. The brakes had gone out on the bus.

My friends had two choices. Stay on the bus and see if they’d survive the impending crash or jump and take their chances with the pavement. They decided to jump. One my buds was a retired Mexican soldier and all around badass. While my American friend was screaming out the window for somebody to help, my Mexican friend took action. He went to the driver to see if there was an emergency brake. There was, but it didn’t work. So he went to the back of the bus and opened up the emergency door.

“Vamos a saltar.” We’re going to jump.

Here's hoping that you'd never have to jump out of a moving vehicle: Link

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