Pants For Dogs

Humans wear underpants, so why shouldn't dogs? Neena Pellegrini came up with a line of Pants for Dogs after her male bichon frise kept "marking" her female dogs:

First product up: cute, comfy and — of utmost importance — absorbent doggie undies and thongs.

Sounds crazy to anyone who hasn't had a dog with a bit of an incontinence/dribbling problem, or a female dog that hasn't been fixed. But those of us who have owned and loved such a dog have spent more than a few minutes wishing Depends came in canine configurations.

Neena Pellegrini to the rescue.

She's the founder of Pants for Dogs (, a little Seattle-based cottage industry filling hundreds of orders for tiny- to massive-sized panties for female dogs, and, for male dogs, items she calls cummerbunds (although the waist isn't, in a precise sense, the true target, of course). Each garment in its own way protects rugs, floors and whatever else needs protecting from the drips and streams we'd rather not contemplate (and certainly not discuss).

The business started four years ago when Pellegrini's little male dog kept marking her little female dogs. A training issue, most would
say. But improvement doesn't happen overnight. How do you protect the girls?

Sharon Peters of Pet Talk has more: Link | Pants For Dogs website

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This person may have started a business making these 4 years ago. But she didn't invent them 4 years ago, which is sort of what this post implies. This product has been around for at least a decade (that I know of personally), and probably much longer than that. "Hot Pants" brand has been available for at least 10 years. And there are other manufacturers that make frilly versions as well.

I am not fond of dressing up dogs, but a simple useful one is very very handy if you have a large dog in heat. It keeps your house, car, etc very tidy. I also know of people that have used them with good success in issues of urinary incontinence particularly in older house dogs.
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I'm just trying to picture the awkward social situation where "Dignity" is menstruating on someone's carpet.

Nope, can't picture it.

And I can't imagine the dog feels any more dignified wearing pants.
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Yeah, they've had doggy undies for a while now. Mainly for female dogs who go in to heat.
I think it's a cute idea. It's not just dressing up the dog for the hell of it like most people do. There's actually a function and yes, it looks cute as well.
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They've had those around for a while, although not as stylish. I remember as a kid having to stick our un-spayed family dog in a pair of doggy depends.
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I wouldn't want you showing up at my house with your dog either, whether it was wearing pants or not. That's a totally ridiculous comparison, and so is this product.
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