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PETA's New Octomom Ad

How does PETA follow up on its controversial Tiger Woods ad? Why, with the Octomom, of course!

The fame-seeking mom, who gave birth to octuplets last year, now has 14 mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay off. According to the Associated Press, she is in default on a 450,000 balloon payment on her house, and it could be just days before it goes into foreclosure.

So PETA came along and made her an offer she apparently couldn’t refuse: She will get $5,000 and all the veggie dogs the single mom and her 14 kids can eat in one year if she will put up a sign in her front yard reading, “Don’t let your dog or cat become an ‘Octomom.’ Always spay or neuter.” The sign features a cat nursing a litter of kittens.


Our very own Jill Harness thinks its ironic:

What’s next, Snoop Dogg telling kids not to smoke marijuana? Janis Dickinson speaking out on botox?

But I think it's just PETA being clever. Here's what the organization has to say about it:

Massive media attention is aimed at covering Octomom's every move, and it's time to put that attention to good use.

Agree with Cassie-- I'm very confused! lol

This actually is great, for once. Using someone else's fame to spread awareness, and PAYING the person so it's legal! And it feeds her kids! Hooray! Happiness all around!
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Why do we encourage neutering in animals - especially dogs and cats - but not in humans. I've always been perplexed by folks who are anti-abortion. I think abortion ought to be mandatory in humans after two kids.
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I think they need to be spending that time and money trying to adopt out the animals surrendered to them rather than wasting it on campaigns that only serve to piss people off and having to euthanize most of the animals. PETA's a great concept, but they're misguided radicals.

Also, our dog is a recent Octomom. lulz.
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I agree with Manticore about PETA. Great concept, misguided radicals.
I was a member of PETA some 25 years ago before they went off the deep end. I believe that all shelters should be no-kill shelters, euthanizing only those animals that are dangerous or very sick. But I do not believe that people who eat meat are "murderers."
Dale, come on, dude or dudette (I'm guessing dude.) Your comment about "mandatory abortion" straight up inspires the response of "heil Hitler!" Mandatory abortion would be just plain wrong. I am pro-choice, but one must notice the word CHOICE!
I think that the so-called "doctor" that inseminated Octomom should be strung up by his 'nads. Talk about an unethical action. This woman should have been sent to counseling, not helped to bring so many kids into her already messed up world.
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Hey #6, thank you for enforcing Godwin's Law.

By the way the USA passed their first sterilization bill in 1907 when your beloved Hitler was only 18 years old (and no, he was not the secret puppet master in the background, you twat).

So why don't you just go and end your miserable, flawed and entirely worthless clusterfuck life full of mirrored propaganda and poisonous opinions and end your cancerous existence right now?

Also, sterilization is great. It could have saved me from reading your bullshit if it had been properly implemented. (Which you're now going to read as "Ohhhh LOLZKIES SO the USA didn't properly implement it because we're FREEDOM TOWN LOLLLLLLLLLZ. Enjoy. But please choke on it soon.)
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Good campaign, finally.

#6: In our seriously over-populated future, the only nations to survive will be those that mandate human sterilization. Democracies will fall away, to be replaced by authoritarian regimes that have the will to do what must be done to ensure the survival of their citizens.

#7: That was one of the most shocking hate posts I have ever read. So succinct and yet full of incisive rage. I may need to borrow it for another site.
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Don't worry about the planet. The ''overpopulation'' hysteria is one of those made up issues, like ''global warming caused by man''.

As for PETA making sure THEY get all the publciity they can, they are good at that, if not much else. If an ice-skater wants to put a little fur on his costume, what is the big deal, after all. I might personally not want to do it, but if he does, and it's legal, who am I to threaten him with death for it. Geez.

And as for eugenics in America...Uh, that lasted a short time here, a fad, and we didn't decide on the destruction of a people in the name of it, did we. Ahem.
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I too used to be a PETA member, and give them money. Then I decided if they devoted one fraction of the time, money, and energy to actually HELPING ANIMALS that they do to being controversial, they'd be worth giving money to, but that was no longer the case. But this is a good campaign. I'm pleasantly surprised.
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