LEGO Kitchen Island

Most kitchen renovation projects are slow enough as is, but can you imagine when teeny tiny bricks are involved? It must've taken quite a long time, but the LEGO kitchen island sure is a thing of beauty:

The idea for Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti’s Lego kitchen sprouted five years ago, when Pillard put 500 blocks and a day’s worth of work into building a Lego-legged chair. The designing duo—–who create products together under the name Munchausen—–recently gave the seat a colorful companion. They covered their kitchen island—–a simple wooden block—–with 20,000 Lego pieces.


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Legos are expensive as hell. Let's do the math... on the Lego web site (, the price for the 650 piece LEGO® Basic Bricks Deluxe is $29.99. For 20,000 pieces, you would need about 31 of these kits, bringing the total to about $930 before tax & shipping. We'll, I guess it's cheaper than granite.
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I would imagine you could do this rather easily as big chunks while sitting on the sofa and then tie them together. Indeed that's the way it looks from the picture, like large sections tied together. You could even have a party and have each guest contribute a section.

@felixthecat - I would imagine that they covered the entire surface in some type of clear varnish or sealant. At least that's what I would do.
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